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Electromagnetic Induction Quiz in English Set 1

All Important Question Answers for Electrician Related Exams

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The inductance of a coil will increase under all the following conditions except

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Which of the following circuit elements will oppose the change in circuit current ?

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In case of an inductance current is proportional to

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Which of the following is not a unit of inductance ?

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The magnitude of the induced e.m.f. in a conductor depends on the

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The property of coil by which a counter e.m.f. is induced in it when the current through the coil changes is known as

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Air-core coils are practically free from

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Higher the self-inductance of a coil

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A laminated iron core has reduced eddy-current losses because

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A crack in the magnetic path of an inductor will result in

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Both the number of turns and the core length of an inductive coil are doubled. Its self-inductance will be

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An open coil has

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Which of the following inductor will have the least eddy current losses ?

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As per Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction an e.m.f. is induced in a conductor whenever it

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Which circuit element(s) will oppose the change in circuit current ?

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In an iron cored coil the iron core is removed so that the coil becomes an air cored coil. The inductance of the coil will

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The law that the induced e.m.f. and current always oppose the cause producing them is due to

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A coil is wound on iron core which carries current I. The self-induced voltage in the coil is not affected by

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Mutually inductance between two magnetically-coupled coils depends on

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Which of the following circuit element stores energy in the electromagnetic field ?

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