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Gravitation – Revision Notes

 CBSE Class XI PHYSICS  Revision NotesCHAPTER 8GRAVITATION Kepler’s laws, Universal law of gravitation Acceleration due to gravity Gravitational potential energy Escape Velocity, Orbital Velocity, Geostationary and polar satellites Kepler’s law of planetry motion (a) Kepler’s first law (law of orbit): Every planet…Read More »

Gravitation – Test Papers

 CBSE Test Paper 01 Chapter 8 Gravitation The direction of the universal gravitational force between particles of masses m1m1 and m2m2 is: 1 towards m1m1 towards m2m2 on m1m1 and towards m1m1 on m2m2. towards the center of the earth towards m2m2 The space shuttle releases a 470-kg communications satellite while in an orbit that is…Read More »